The Paradox of Love

So, if ever you feel stifled in love, or feel your freedom curtailed, examine. Was it really love? Or, was it bondage, manipulation or an attempt to control masquerading as love?

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Love is in the Air

Understanding various types of love. Love is something that everyone experiences in some form or other. No amount of talk or preaching about love can transfer one’s experience of love to another.

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Times Literature Festival Bangalore 2017

Attending a Literature Festival is a beautiful way of spending an enlightening weekend.

Ideas float around, the air is filed with literary vibrations and the ambiance is charged with star presence. The fever catches onto to you. The temperature soars to climax to a rocking frenzy like it happened this time when the local rock God Raghu Dixit performed with his band to mark the culmination of the festival.

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Smell like a narcissistic man, P&G’s Old Spiece seems to tell men

On P&G’s Old SPiece Shaving cream product packaging: “Your hands were not made to carry shopping bags… they were made so you can sculpt statues of yourself… You buy this shaving cream and all else will be forgotten” Really? Some air-head wrote the copy for P&G, and another at P&G approved it,

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लघुकथा – शिंपण

उन्हं कलली तसे आम्ही सारे शिरप्याच्या मागोमाग परतीच्या वाटेला लागलो. आमच्या कळपाचा आधार असलेला वाघ्या पुढे जाऊन रस्ता सुरक्षित असल्याची खात्री करून पुन्हा शिरप्याच्या पायात पायात चालायला लागला. शिरप्या खांद्यावर काठी आडवी टाकून पुढ्यात चालत होता.

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