When you write ,you want people to read.
You want sponsored posts? You need traffic.
Do you you want brands to to work with you?
You need your stats in order.
It’s simple.
One rule.

Blogs need readers .
How do you get readers?

You share your post where there are readers waiting.

Where is this golden place?

Social media platforms

Depending on your blog niche ,your social media of choice may vary.
The best way to manage is often the simplest.
Know your best source of traffic.
See what’s most popular .
Make more of the same.
Just like SRK keeps making romantic movies. Because they work.
Find out what works and do it.

Blogging is a delicate balance .
You wrote what you love.
You write what your audience loves.
You write to make money.
The sweet spot is where these 3 intersect.

Number 1

Find out where your best friends hangout.
This is where GA can help.
Are you checking your stats?

Don’t have too much time for checking the analytics of each social media?
Just use GA-Acquisitions- Social-Overview

You will have an idea which social media brings your site traffic.

Blogging is fun. But number crunching is not. And yet if you don’t check your stats it’s a crazy waste of time.
Facebook , Twitter whichever social media works for you, give it your best .

Number 2

Treat your friends with kindness and loads of love

Always engage with people who show love to your post.
I love appreciation. So do you.

Is it obvious other people will like it when you share their unique content in your unique way.

Make their post special. This is where the Blogchatter advice of having unique reading & writing hashtags really stands out.

It’s your unique hashtag stream.

Number 3

When are your friends free?
Should you post throughout the day ? Or at specific times.

Have you checked the best time for posting?
Find out when your content is getting the most engagement . Schedule your social media posts accordingly.

Number 4

Are you being generous?

Use the 60 -30 -10 Rule of sharing

60% Others content
30% Own content
10% Sell
This works best.

Sharing high quality content makes your profile special.

Number 5

One or Many

Should you do it all ? Or should you concentrate on one social media.

Do you have an army of VA ?If not you have to schedule your posts .Concentrate on one which gives you best result.
And two others, you test and tweak.

Remember a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Number 6

Are you helping your friends share?

Make it easy to share .

This can’t be stressed enough. You must have all the relevant social share buttons on your blog .

The eater it is to share ,more people will do so.

Number 7

Make content which people love to share.

Four types of content people love to share :
Trending content
How to ‘s
Thought provoking.
Easy to scan

Number 8

Are you real?

Be a real person .People love to know the face behind the blog . It’s good to show your quirky side.It actually helps to attract your audience.

Number 9

Do you have a schedule ? If you are a one man /woman army you need hacks to multitasking.
Having automation on your side can help a lot.

Number 10

Are you having fun?

Blogging is fun. Are you having fun?
You don’t enjoy ,your audience will know.

Just like you don’t like visiting grumpy people.The same true for grumpy blogs.

Do you have any more social media hacks?
Let me know in the comments below.

Author Bio

Amrita Basu

Is a doctor ,teacher in a medical college, mom to a 4 year old and a blogger.
She writes about health – wellness,lifestyle healthcare, financial freedom,and her journey as a mompreneur.
She loves reading, travelling and is an enthusiastic balcony gardener.She loves biophilic designs and products.

You can find her at http:// healthwealthbridge.com