Who is behind Blogchatter?

This is one of the most common questions that comes our way through a direct message or a tweet on twitter. And more often it is piqued with curiosity and further queries on the working of the handle.

But really, who is behind Blogchatter?

Intent is behind Blogchatter. We are a set of people who have decided to make this work as a community. We are not aspiring to be an organisation, we are in the making of a movement. We wish to be the voice of a blogger in the sea of sounds that come across from every nook and corner of internet.

Progress is our central theme. And this progress has many facets. We are walking along people in their daily blogging challenges. We are hand holding bloggers moving towards self hosted websites. We are crying our hearts out with broken hearted personal stories. And yes giggling at a post filled with humour.

We are a reader and a writer. We are a blogger and we are bloggers. We are I and we are they.

In case you still wish to know who is behind Blogchatter on some bad days you can check Richa Singh over at twitter. There could be some similarities you may find in her tweets.

Until next time, Blog together, blog better.