What is Blogchatter but more importantly who is Blogchatter?

Is it enough to say we are a community of people roaring to see you carve a niche for yourself in the blogverse?

Or should we tell you we help you create your personal brand and with the help of our many tracks, define and redefine your vision that ultimately helps you reach pinnacles of success you hadn’t thought possible?

Would it make sense if we say we are you, you are us and together, we create a mutually beneficial synergy?

But really, who is behind Blogchatter?

Intent is behind Blogchatter. We are a set of people who have decided to make this work as a community. We are not aspiring to be an organisation; we are in the making of a movement. We wish to be the voice of a blogger in the sea of sounds that come across from every nook and corner of internet.

Progress is our central theme. And this progress has many facets. We walk with people in their daily blogging challenges. We hand hold bloggers moving towards self-hosted websites. We cry our hearts out when you share your broken hearted personal stories. And yes giggle too at a post filled with humour.

We are a reader and a writer. We are a blogger and we are bloggers. We are I and we are they.

But speaking of history, we at Blogchatter started off as India’s first weekly Twitter chat on blogging. And now growing from one milestone to another, we have evolved into a highly close knit active community of bloggers and social media enthusiasts.

To our credits is India’s first and world’s second blogging campaign based on Alexa and associated tools. Additionally world’s largest number of Ebooks published in one go – in the year 2017 where we published 33 Ebooks through our Blogchatter Ebook Carnival.

And we have sustained continuous efforts to bring out new and innovative campaigns to engage better blogging across community and in turn evolve a more seasoned + professional set of bloggers at Blogchatter.

Keeping community as an equal stakeholder we have formed association with brands such as Royal Enfield, Dhrishyam Films, Tata Group, KFC, PayPal, Mahindra Holidays, and Bluestone to name a few. Through these associations we have generated organic conversations for brands and created an online engagement pattern for the company and campaign. In line with these ideas, we feel that through a well-planned campaign strategy, we can achieve a permanent brand recall for any organisation on the whole.

So if any of the above excites you or you want to see if we can deliver, register with us today!