“Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.” ― G.K. Chesterton

Imagination is powerful, and what could be better than fiction. Fiction has the power to take you to a different dimension altogether, a world where fairies, unicorns, and magic exists. Where the world could be a better or worst place, the technology could be more advanced but human emotions are better understood. Fiction can move you to tears, inspire you and at the least can reduce your stress.

Diving in deeper in our recent Twitter chat we discussed some important chapters from fiction blogging.

When the community was asked if they included real-life incidents/characters in their fiction writing, all of them agreed that at one point fiction is inspired by real life incidents and people.

For instance, Anupriya says, “Yes. I once read a quote that said, ‘Beware I am a writer. Whatever you say or do may be used in my story.’ There would hardly be any writer who does not have a real life muse – could be a person, place or incident.

As a reader of a fiction blog, what did community expect? What is it that ticks them off the most?

Most wanted crisp tales, with proper structure and grammar not too much narrative where the point is lost and most importantly an engaging plot.

Quoting Ranjini here, “Loopholes, lack of connection between plots and subplots, lack of proper wrap up of the story. Fiction gives you so much flexibility. You can even create a world of your own. But a clean finish is always expected.”

When asked which is the best avenue to promote fiction, there were mixed replies. For most, it was Facebook and Twitter. Few were additionally benefited from Instagram and Whatsapp.

Most bloggers found Twitter helpful to promote micro fiction and micro poetry.

We then asked what was the most difficult part of fiction blogging, most of the community felt that keeping the readers engaged, enough readership and feedback, crisp plot and justice to the characters of the story.

As per Richa Singh, “Most difficult part is the fact that this is a short story! The most difficult part of writing EVER .”

Writing a piece of fiction is a challenge in itself. We tend to go on writing when inspiration strikes but we don’t know at the end if it makes sense and if it is engaging. To stop writing and start editing at a point is essential.

Then we asked one of the most interesting questions. We asked if fiction blogging has taught anything that comes in handy while writing a full-fledged novel.

Everyone felt that fiction blogging has helped them and may help them write a novel because it has taught them consistency, when to describe and when not to go into tiny details and many more nuances of fiction writing.

Winding it up we asked if fiction blogging is sustainable in long term. Most of the community believed that it is an art and that art is sustainable. Since it has freedom in terms of expression and inspiration, it isn’t going away any time soon.

All in all the session was filled with amazing insights into writing an engaging fiction blog post, novel writing, and entrepreneurship.

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