Is Jeff Bezos in Trouble?

Amazon is a trending word suddenly. The hashtags  #PrayForTheAmazon  and #AmazonFire are trending on Twitter and other social media platforms.

What’s going on? Are you not going to get your packages and parcels? 

Wish this was the reason, folks! But, no, your parcels are going to be just fine and everything must be great in the Bezos world. In fact, when you search for Amazon Fire on Google it’s still showing the Fire Stick at the top of the results. But things are actually a lot more serious than this.

The Amazon Rainforest is on fire for the past three weeks, and the world has been silent on it. 72,000 acres and more are burning right now as you read this. 

July-August is the dry season in South America, but never have they had such bad fires in the Rainforest. Major fires don’t just happen in the rainforest, the land is cleared by developers for cattle rearing and other economic factors by causing controlled fires. But this year it has been so vast that major cities on the Atlantic coast like Sao Paulo were covered in smoke. The fire can be seen from Space says the National Institute for Space Research in Brazil.

NASA image of the forest fires in Brazil showing lots of smoke in the Amazon
Photo Courtesy NASA – View from Satellite of Smoke from Amazon Rainforest Fire

Why Should We Care About This? 

The Amazon rainforest is home to an estimated 450,000 indigenous people. The Amazon rainforest provides 20% of the world’s oxygen. 

The Amazon rainforest has 10% of the world’s animals
This rainforest is 50% of the rainforests that still exist in the world. Once this Rainforest is destroyed there will be a dry savannah left that will emit carbon, a source of global warming. The world’s climate depends on the rainforest. It could change with unknown consequences for our climate and hence agriculture.

What Can You Do?

Donate to worthy causes like the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (UK) which is accepting donations for the Amazon Rainforest.

Start using less paper. We have started to use less plastic and more paper because paper decomposes. But at what cost? Deforestation is taking place because we use more paper and wood. 

Create awareness, start a discussion, let’s save ourselves before we do irreversible damage. Share your thoughts on Social Media. 

By having an opinion, you can change the way people that make policy think. Make the change happen.

We don’t inherit the Earth but merely borrow it from our children.

photo of South America from Space showing the fires in the Amazon
Amazon Fires Emitting High Levels of Carbon Dioxide
Photo courtesy: (Image: Windy)