Who doesn’t like a little attention every once in a while?  We all do! And so do our blog posts. Do you have any post that could do better with a little love? Yes? Then you’re at the right place. Blogchatter Spotlight is a great chance to give your post a little dose of fame every Saturday and also stumble across some amazing blogs to read.

The linky remains open for 24 hours only! Hurry!

How can you participate?

  1. Pick your choicest blog post
  2. The fresher, the better. The post should have been written between 14th April and 20th April.
  3. Link in the linky below.

How can you reciprocate?

  1. Share at least 4 posts on Twitter from the linky using the hashtag #BlogchatterSpotlight
  2. Read as many posts as you want to. Be a blog dragon!
  3. Be generous with your support by commenting.

To gain more readers, adding your link to Blogchatter Reading List is a good idea.

Nobody ever lost anything by giving, so keep supporting each other and spreading love in the community. Like we say, a little linky goes a long way!

Don’t forget, this linky is open to all, you needn’t be an A2Z participant for this.