Are you the kind of person who loves asking for fiction book recommendations? Are you often stuck on what to read next? Do you feel that there are many books to read but not enough time? You have come to the right place. Take this fun quiz to decide which Fiction #BlogchatterEbook suits your mood, style and hidden desires.

Choose the answer that you identify with the most. For every

(a) you choose, give yourself 3 points,
for every (b), give yourself 8 points,
for every (c), give 12 points and
for every (d), 15 points.

1. After a scrumptious meal, your dessert of choice is:

  • a. Fruit – Afterall you believe in nature’s goodness.
  • b. Kheer – You crave for any sweet dish that reminds you of your mom’s cooking.
  • c. Treacle Tart – You believe in everything double and extra.
  • d. Turkish Delight – What is life if you don’t experience the exotic?

2. What is your communication quotient with your BFF?

  • a. You send each other howlers.
  • b. You summon them using a pentagram, salts and candles.
  • c. You meet at every full moon.
  • d. You are joined at the hip, much like Crowley and Aziraphale.

3. What is your modus operandi of taking a day off work?

  • a. Call in sick – uncomplicated and hard-to-verify.
  • b. Call up boss and moan on the phone, as if the Hungarian Horntail is burning you alive.
  • c. Tell your supervisor you are going on an adventure.
  • d. Disappear without trace and then blame it all on Gandalf.

4. At the quarterly workplace get-together, this is you.

  • a. A pale wallflower. Blending in with the pastel coloured buffet area.
  • b. Ronald Weasley, hovering near the food, eyeing every dish surreptitiously, mentally calculating the distance between your two favourite foods so that you lose no time in eating your fill.
  • c. You like to wear neon, much like Wonder Woman, teamed with flashy accessories to wow others with your fashion sense.
  • d. Tony Stark, the life and the soul of the party. You believe that any kind of get together is only so that you can dazzle others.

5. Your take on love.

  • a. Rahul and Anjali: friends are forever and when you have the perfect friend, you don’t need no love interest.
  • b. Gaitonde and Kukoo: You will find your significant-other when the time is right, not before, not later.
  • c. Detective and Lucifer: It’s complicated.
  • d. Elizabeth and Darcy: There is a soulmate waiting only for you and a meeting of the souls is the ultimate destination of all love.

6. This is what your annual vacay plans look like.

  • a. Someone needs to make me an offer I can’t resist and I’ll pack my bags in a jiffy.
  • b. You could put Monica Geller to shame with your checklists, bookings and what nots.
  • c. Around the world in 80 days – there is not a moment to lose!
  • d. Tell me where I can put up my hammock and leave me alone.

7. What according to you is the best way for children resolve their fights at school?

  • a. Dracarys, burn them all.
  • b. Kill ’em with your words like Sheldon and Amy.
  • c. Stand up to bullies like pre-serum Steve.
  • d. Let Professor McGonagall and Hagrid figure it out.

Tally your score and voila, you have the perfect fiction match!

Download your fiction book fast and do tell us how you like it.