It begins ! The much awaited time of the year is here.

Come April and bloggers from across the world wear their super blogger hats and capes to survive what is arguably one of the most fun and famous blogging challenge.

What is A to Z Challenge?

If you remove all Sundays from month of April, twenty six days are left behind. A to Z Challenge asks bloggers to blog on each of these twenty six days doing so while following the alphabet. For example: Day 1- Letter A , Day 2- Letter B and so on. Read more here.

Like last year, this time too we at Blogchatter are championing A to Z Challenge all this April !

Some fun facts from last year:

1 We had forty four bloggers signed up for this challenge through Blogchatter

2 We trended for four hours in India on April 1 !

3 Lot of those bloggers went on to become integral part of our community

4 A lot of them roped back as admins with Blogchatter

5 We celebrated Blogchatter Ebook Carnival post challenge encouraging all participating bloggers to become published authors!

6 Chitra Divakaruni herself became our Chief Patron- holding special mentoring sessions with community

7 We have 27 ebooks published with us !

So within a span of one month, forty four bloggers built better blogging and out of these twenty seven became published authors !

This year too we have something similar planned but only bigger and better. One of our most ambitious campaigns in recent times !


Sign up with Blogchatter for A to Z Challenge and watch your blogging act zoom ahead.

Add your blog link below and we will send you emailers on next few steps ! Join in TODAY.