26 letters, 26 days, 26 blog posts!

Yes, the A-Z challenge is back and packed with more excitement this time.

One of the things we bloggers struggle with is consistency and maintaining a flow- “What to blog about, how often to blog, what do I do when I have a huge block very comfortably sitting on my thinking cap, refusing to budge?”

Participating in the A-Z challenge brings a thrill to blogging.

If your blog has been dormant for a while now, this is the time to register and get started with your writing! Dust off the notebooks, sharpen those pencils, charge them laptops, because it’s time to exercise those brain muscles.

With 26 days of writing a new post, be it part of a theme, or individual ones, however you choose to go about it, April is going to be filled with something new every day.

If you’re worried how you’re going to come up with new posts every day, start working on them now! Also, we have a very endearing community that’s always supportive of each other, so have no fear, when Blogchatter is here. You’ll find us cheering you on all through the way. We’re sure that at the end of it we all would have honed our skills and developed new ones too.

What are you waiting for then, creative people? Get that cup of chai, coffee or whatever your elixir is and register NOW!