Each year thousands of budding author dreams are unrealized, as people are busy with their full-time jobs and no time left to invest in writing. This weekend we had Rickie Khosla, author of Pretty.Vile.Girl. on Blogchatter Writing Festival, telling us the secrets of the trade – juggling a full-time job with novel-writing.

The session started on a brighter note with a question on what would you be doing if money was not a concern. We are all wandering souls and most of us would be globetrotters, sitting on a beach sipping Mojitos! Alongside we will be reading our favorite books or plotting our next story lines.

Should we begin this bright Saturday Night session then?

The next point of discussion was after a tiring day at work, how do you do any writing? How do you get in the ‘zone’? Few would set a time aside for writing and others liked to jot down ideas while on the go. Anything that works for you is good enough.

Further along, we discussed the biggest road blocks in a writer’s life, navigating a full-time job as well. With too many things on your plate, its possible that you get stuck at some point.

The most awaited question was can you be a full-time employed person and a super successful author as well? Why or Why not? Richa (@richa_singh) suggests that its possible if we know how to maintain balance. 

We also had wonderful advice shared for all aspiring authors who dream of being full-time writers. Never quitting should be the motto. Believe in your dream and you can work wonders.

The session concluded with Rickie giving us a very pragmatic approach to novel-writing from his personal experience.

2018 is the Blogchatter Year of Impact toward this, the first online literature and writing festival is a key milestone in the journey to take your blog to the next level. Juggling writing with full-time job Twitter chat with Rickie Khosla was one of our sessions at Blogchatter Writing Festival. We have many more different author-sessions planned ahead under this. You can screenshot the below schedule: