We cannot begin to understand the depth of misery natural disasters cause until we see it first-hand. The people of Assam are witnesses to this.

Assam has always been known to have received heavy showers of rain. The harsh way we have been treating our environment has led to depleting forests and erosion. This took a toll on the Brahmaputra, causing the silt and sediments to raise the water levels dangerously. Floods in Assam are a yearly agenda but not without a heavy price to pay. More than 4000 villages have been affected and new deaths are being reported by the passing hours.  Today’s news article reports 48 deaths so far, not to mention animals and crops entirely submerged under murky waters. Search and rescue operations continue, NGO’s are working relentlessly to provide the necessary relief to over 1 crore people who have seen the fury of nature.

Natural disasters may destroy cities, homes, lives, but nothing can destroy the power of humanity, the power to join hands and rise back up from the remains. This power remains within us, and now is the time to use that super power to combat this dreary situation.

What is the current scenario in Assam? We are grateful to our community member Puspanjalee from Assam who shared the following information:

  1. The rains have begun to reduce, but the water remains stagnant – a threatening place for water borne infections.
  2. There is a dire need for clean drinking water.
  3. Women are severely affected due to lack of sanitary pads.
  4. Babies are suffering due to lack of food and shelter.
  5. Children have lost their schools, books.
  6. There are people who have lost absolutely everything they ever had and their future seems to be a hazy blur.

What can we do?

  1. Donate whatever you can. Even the smallest act of generosity can help someone. You can reach out to the NGO Priyobondhu for more details on donation and supplying relief. You can also contact their Chief Functionary Officer, Archana Borthakur on her email ID – [email protected] and contact number – +919864061115
  2. Women and children are in need of sanitary pads, baby food. With the increase in water borne diseases, people need the necessary medication.
  3. If you aren’t able to donate, even sharing these details across your channels and spreading awareness can be very useful.
  4. During such disasters, a lot of rumors are spread. Please be aware of fake news and use only trusted sources to donate and share.
  5. Keeping sending out love and positive vibes and prayers and bring out the Good Samaritan in you today.

Catastrophes such as these disturb lives in a very profound way. They also teach us something about regeneration and the nature of human beings – to help our fellow citizens get back on their feet and be thankful for the gift of life.