We had an exciting session for all newbies and experienced bloggers alike. There was something to learn for everyone. Welcome to the world of Blogging!

The first push is always crucial. Fellow bloggers told us what was toughest for them when they decided to enter blogging.

Don’t we all sigh about not being “techy enough?” Break that myth! Everything can be learned.

Unconsciously we might be ignoring some details that really need attention on our blogs. Ever wonder about that?

Marketing your blog, regular posting, and the design are three very important aspects that need to always be on your blogging checklist.

And now that you have a blog, what are the three things a new blogger must keep in mind after starting the blogging journey?

There are a ton of tips available out there for bloggers and writers. But only some we engrave on our hearts. What is that one best piece of advice?

Like Nike’s Just Do It or Thums Up’s Taste the Thunder, taglines do stick and make a brand, don’t they? Sometimes we even recognize a brand just by its logo.

Logos work well with products: we all know what the Volkswagen logo looks like. But for a blog? Taglines are better till you build a brand.

Readers! We all want readers. You may have done all the above discussed steps, but what about getting people to read your blog?

Build a community, like we always say. If you’re reading this and you’re wondering whether to start a blog, just take the plunge. The view is beautiful!

That’s all folks, for more interesting discussions like this, join us on our #Blogchatter twitter chats every Wednesday at 8.30 PM!