They say Practice makes a man perfect. A woman is already fine as it is 😀

On a serious note, they say practice makes a man perfect. And in blogging this practice comes best when we undertake a daily blogging challenge. Yes, don’t you roll your eyes and breathe heavily. Daily blogging is the best form of exercise when it comes to undertaking a growth journey for yourself and your blog.

We at Blogchatter decided to start a campaign to encourage people towards more and more daily blogging challenges. And since it is a very lonely task to undertake, community at best can buoy away all lows and further motivate you more towards the finish line.

Daily Chatter as a campaign brings together all those who take up daily blogging as a routine.

It was primarily done to ensure that they do not drop out due to lack of support. And also to make people take on blogging as part of their life every once or twice a year at least.This ensures that you give enough time to your blog and understand it extensively when it comes to numbers, reach and impact.

daily chatter

How should you blog daily?

  • Keep your posts simple and short
  • Plan ahead, so that you can give more time to reading and networking with other blogs
  • Continue to check your blog statistics on a daily basis to understand the flow your content and readers take through the month

Why should you blog daily?

  • To understand your blog numbers- timing of post, social media outreach and content impact
  • Get into writing shape
  • Get into reading shape
  • Build a readership
  • Find your space in blogging

Basically daily blogging is like exercise, every once in a while we need to get into shape and check those curves back into line. Employ this exercise to make a fitter blogger out of yourself!

Photo credit: BlogwatiG