For Blogchatter building a strong community has been the biggest challenge, always. It is where our heart and soul lies. To sustain this community and engage them in ways that only builds more connections, is literally a ‘next level’ challenge. 

But our flagship program, Blogbuddy has seen us championing this challenge with style. Creating centres of blogging friendships, these tribes have helped us achieve all our community goals. And at the end of each season, we have introduced seven bloggers to each other’s lives, blogs and a lot more. 

Blogbuddy 3.0 is here.

This time bigger, better and more ‘together’. All existing tribes have been disbanded and now with a mix of three seasons, fresh compositions have been created. Hence, more together.

In the coming few weeks we will be rolling out our first Blogbuddy Calendar which will have detailed action plan for these groups with defined milestones. A lot of other things are also planned alongside, specially for this program which with time shall be further revealed.

For now we leave you all with friendship, blogging and better ways of community.

To our Blogbuddy members, all the best for times ahead, may these bonds you discover through blogging and writing last forever. 

If you have written your Blogbuddy 3.0 post connect them below. Also read the others in mix to discover rest of your blogbuddies.

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