February is finally here, which means it’s time for our certificate courses to commence. This year, we added a little something to make them more interesting. Along with getting to learn something new and upping your blogging game, you also get to support a cause of your choice. Let us introduce you to some organizations, our social partners this year, who are doing fabulous work. You will also get to see more throughout this year. Let’s go?

PS: This is a work in progress post. We will keep updating it as and when we can.
Last updated: 3 Feb


We all dream of an accessible India and it is Sangati’s mission to make that happen. It aims to accessibility, mobility, inclusivity and visibility of persons with all kinds of disabilities in our country. Here’s the link if you wish to contribute to this mission and unite India with accessibility.


With all the stigma that exists around menstruation, Humjoli is incessantly working towards breaking it and spreading accurate knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene. They conduct workshops and ‘Period Talk’ sessions in schools, colleges, residential socialites, offices, basits and other community settings, organise pad donations drives, teach volunteers to become trained ‘Menstrual Educators’ and provide sustainable livelihood opportunities to women. Under their popular campaign ‘Sponsor a Girl’, one can help a teenager to have a safe and hygienic period for 6 months for only Rs 500. Would you like to sponsor a Period Supply Kit?  

Salaam Bombay Foundation

Salaam Bombay started off working with children growing in extreme conditions in slum areas. Many of them due to dire family situations turn to tobacco and drop out of school. The team has been helping them stay in school using innovative education tools to become self sufficient, develop life skills and emerge as leaders in the society. The Sports, Arts and Media Academy are some of the many initiatives they have taken to make this happen and over the years it has grown into a large community. You can learn more about the various academies started by them and contribute here.

This is just a brief of what our social partners are doing. Stay tuned with us as we connect with them and cover stories and events this year. Once you’ve chosen to contribute, you are a part of this cause too!