We know Ebook Carnival is one of the most sought after campaigns at Blogchatter. And each year we attempt to make this experience for our community members as enriching as possible. Last year we started Blogchatter Writing Festival, for which we pulled in eight author mentors to hand out detailed sessions on writing, editing and more – centered around engaging online interactions.

Same Blogchatter Writing Festival is now in its Second Season and we have pooled in not eight but ten author mentors. Schedule for same can be found here.

But still, we had specific questions around Blogchatter Ebook Carnival, which we tried answering through a Live Discussion on Facebook. A synopsis of same can be found here.

Through that discussion, we realized that what community needs is their own community voices and support in this journey. And to that effect, we have put together a team of Blogchatter Ebook Author Mentors, people from Blogchatter family who have published their ebooks in past seasons of carnival and who are more than happy to help each one of you in this journey that starts 10th May.

There are no rules as such, except that you can reach out to any or all mentors on Twitter (through their listed handles) and ask them anything you want about Ebook publishing experience. Mentors-Mentees if need be can take their conversation on email for detailed chats or any other medium, is purely their own prerogative.

At our end, we will be lining up a few Open AMAs around same for more interactions in the mix. Look out for hashtag #AMACarnival.

Without wasting more time, we present to you our Blogchatter Ebook Author – Mentors :

Romila : Often complimented as an enchantress of words, she is armed with 6 degrees in Journalism, PR, Law, Business Management and Digital Marketing. She is proficient in editing and content development of novels, blogs, articles and books. She is an award winning Writer, veteran Blogger, Author of 5 EBooks, an impulsive Poetess, Editor of lifestyle e-zine and a Columnist who has been playing with words since 1996. She can be reached on Twitter at @romspeaks

Last year her Ebook Experience was Exhilarating and Rewarding.

Amrita : She is an ENT surgeon and a teacher in a medical college. Her blog http://healthwealthbridge.com is where she fell in love with writing. She is an Author of two self-published books (Picky Eaters & Fruits for life: Nutrition Secrets). Twitter lover, learning new techniques and skills make her happy. She can be reached on Twitter at @misra_amrita

Last year her Ebook experience was : It made me push my boundaries and opened up many more opportunities. I was able to self-publish two books on different platforms all because of Blogchatter.

Paresh : Bearded freelance writer, immature designer, marketer by qualification, novice social media influencer, accountant in India’s top general insurance company and author of ‘Six degrees’ and ‘Life in Local Train,’ (IPL-ology in progress). He can be reached on Twitter at @par_god

Last year his Ebook Experience summed up : I made my solo debut with the ebook carnival last year. I published my ebook on my own. My limits were pushed. I never thought that I will be able to do it by myself.

Cheryl Sterling : an American author of several paranormal , contemporary romance novels & short stories. Co-founder of Grand Rapids Region Writers Group. She has conducted several workshops that focused on the writing craft. She can be reached on Twitter at @CherylProWriter

Last year her Ebook Experience summed up : Blogchatter family proved invaluable as I published my ebook through their website and experienced many downloads, visits to my blog, & contacts I never would have made.

Deepa : A dietitian by education, Blogger by passion she shares all her experiences through her blog at http://kreativemommy.com She can be reached on Twitter at @deepagandhi1

Last year her Ebook Experience summed up : Blogchatter AtoZ and Ebook carnival changed me from just a blogger to an E-book author. This experience helped me to believe in myself and that periodic push from Blogchatter was a big reason I could do it. They made the whole process easier and I feel if I can do it, others can too.

Mayuri : She is a Tarot Card Reader by profession and a Writer by design. Since she is already aware of what the future holds, she enjoys unwrapping the present. She can be reached on Twitter at @mayuri6

Last year her Ebook Experience summed up : From 26 posts to an Author, thanks to Blogchatter.

Meenal & Sonal : Blogging sisters – duo friends, a perfect combo that complements each other’s desires to spread positivity and smiles. Poetry by heart and parenting with thoughts is what this duo excels in. Peep into their blog http://www.auraofthoughts.com to discover the world with a new angle.

They can be reached on Twitter at @AuraOfThoughts

Roma Gupta Sinha : Otherwise a qualified techie with over ten years of experience working all over the globe, she has a knack for telling stories. She has been felicitated with numerous awards for her writings including ‘Women of the Year 2015’ and is often found weaving some inspirational words on her blog www.trulyyoursroma.com. She can be reached on Twitter at @RomaGuptaSinha

Ebook Experience summed up : Was a phenomenal experience publishing two ebooks with Blogchatter for the past two years. Has left me highly enriched & equipped with the tricks of the trade.

Humaira Sadaf: Is lifestyle blogger by passion who focuses on food, travel, fiction, life, poetry, tips, travel, freelance writing and reviews on her website. She contributes her best to her creative work and her efforts in writing.

She can be reached on Twitter at @humairasadaf_

Dr. Bushra Nausheen: Is a doctor and an avid blogger. She loves to live a healthy lifestyle and follows the 80/20 rule. Her first Ebook A to Z of Pregnancy was published last year after successful completion of AtoZchallenge2017 via Blochatter. Her blog All About The Woman (allaboutthewoman.com) offers modern and mindful approach towards Lifestyle.

She can be reached on Twitter at @drbushra_aatw .

V T Rakesh : An MBA by qualification and a cricketer by passion. Bitten by the world of magical realism of a Garcia Marquez, Thriller tales of a Maclean or an Archer, nationalistic fervour of a Tharoor or a Nilekani, he finally took his dive to the deep ocean of writing.

He can be reached on Twitter at @rakeshvt .

Prateek : Has been a blogger for over 9 years, and has written on a wide range of topics. His ebook ‘Phir Milenge,’ is a collection of his Hindi poetry. He can be reached on Twitter at @prateekmathur03.

Last year his Ebook Experience summed up: It was my first ebook and it was an exhilarating experience. The response left me absolutely stunned and overwhelmed. It was the first time that I “came out” as a writer to my parents and that was unforgettable. Blogchatter was instrumental in inspiring me to take myself to the next level as an author and kept me motivated all the way through.

Ramya Gundala : Is a passionate writer and an electronics engineer, currently at Buffalo, NY, who crafts stories based on her day to day life. A Way, Not Away, is her first Short Story collection formed by blogposts from April A to Z 2017. She can be reached on Twitter at @amy_gundala.

Last year her Ebook Experience summed up: My stories would’ve been just plots for future stories, like they’ve been for years. Thanks to EBook Carnival by Blogchatter, I can proudly say I’ve done more than just dream.

Pratikshya : An engineer by education and an ex-IT professional. She is currently preparing for competitive exams in the weekdays and an aspiring writer by the weekend. She can be reached on Twitter at @pratikshyam

Last year her Ebook Experience summed up : The Ebook Carnival was very exciting indeed. Bringing out my own ebook- a compilation of blogposts, and getting an experience of sorts, reading and reviewing other books and promoting my own on social media was fun. I have a Goodreads Author’s page, an Amazon ebook listing and Author’s page now!

Ishieta : Is a Published author, Numerologist, Healer & Tarot Reader. She has set up Isheeria’s Healing Circles (http://isheeriashealingcircles.com/) to help people Learn, Heal & (Re) Design their lives through the Esoteric Arts and Healing Methods such as Reiki, Numerology, Astrology, Feng Shui & Tarot Readings. She can be reached on Twitter at @ishieta

Last year her Ebook Experience summed up : Blogchatter has been my ‘Knight in shining armour.’ The Team & Community supported me through highs & lows of A to Z, writing blocks, idea amnesia & exhaustion! The result = published & promoted 2 ebooks + unadulterated joy & pride + friends for life!

Geethica : Is a Blogger and a writer who has been spreading her thoughts on lifestyle, parenting and motivation. She blogs at https://thoughtsbygeethica.com/

She can be reached on Twitter at @thoughtsbygeet

Tina Sequeira : Consultant by day and Moonlight writer. She is listed among the ´Top 35 writers of 2017´by India´s leading online platform for youth, YouthKiAwaaz. She is the recipient of the Orange Flower Award 2017 in the category of ´Writing on Work´ (Runner Up). She was featured among the top 5 Finalists in the category of ´Parenting´ (2017), ´Humour´ (2017), ´Poetry´ (2017) and ´Personal Blogging´ (2016) for the Orange Flower Awards by Women´s Web. Her short story ´Fat Chance´ was the editor´s choice at Readomania in December 2017. She is in the influencers club at Momspresso and her blog ´The Mother´ was among the top 5 winning blogs for #Momspiration contest in 2017. She made her #AtoZChallenge debut with Blogchatter in 2017 and released her first Ebook ´Soul Sojourn´ as part of the Ebook Carnival hosted by Blogchatter. She writes at https://thetinaedit.com

Amit : A doctor by profession, a blogger by passion and a poet at heart. His blog is mystical, offbeat and vehemently romantic which oozes a hyperbolic imagination with a tint of originality and innovation. You can reach him on Twitter at @doc2poet

Last year his Ebook Experience summed up : Its like tasting the very first fruit from a tree which you have been nurturing for long and it feels great; becoming an Author.