For Season Two of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival we broke all records. No literally we did ! With thirty three ebooks published in one go, that is the highest every published ebooks set EVER ! We are taking this very seriously.

And by serious we mean, we are seriously going to push all limits of fun this side 😀

Under Blogchatter EBook Carnival Review program, we are encouraging all our community members to review one, two or all ebooks on their blogs ! Add the post in the mix and have fun reading others.

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Also the Ebook authors themselves who we know are reviewing at least three ebooks from the listing can also add their reviews below.

But remember we need them to be done a bit systematically for easier reference. So use the below instructions to add linky:

Remember that in addition to the linky below you can also add your posts to Blogchatter Reading List

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