What started as a one hour weekly chat on a Wednesday has today extended to five parallel community tracks, two weekly sessions and a lot of community love across the world.

So it is obvious that when we at Blogchatter decided to go back to our story board, re-discovering our ideas and ideologies for 2017 we turn to this very community for strength. For their thoughts and support in helping build a better us.

Before we officially embark on Blogchatter 2.0 journey with 2017, we are taking an Eat Pray Love break with all of you. 

With a contest !

Yes you heard it right.

All of December we will be celebrating ‘Blogchatter-ology’ across our social media profiles !


What is Blogchatter-ology all about?

Create an Instagram post (which you can share on Facebook & Twitter as well) of dimensions 1080 px by 1080 px. 

What will this post be all about?

  1. Use Blogchatter Logo (new and updated one one)
  2. Build a creative based on what you believe is Blogchatter’s core ideology
  3. Upload creative on Instagram and tag us

At the end of December we will be shortlisting five creatives as winners and they will be featured across our social media profiles as well as win Blogchatter Goodies (which BTW we hear are much coveted) !

Fine print that you must read finely:

  1. Copyright of winning creatives lies with Blogchatter
  2. Credits will be given to the creator of winning creatives for one month from date of announcement of winners. Post one month the credits will be eliminated and creative will be used as part of Blogchatter activities/campaigns as per their requirement
  3. Those creatives that do not win will not be Blogchatter property in any format and can be used (burned or cut 😀 ) as per creator’s wishes

Important Notice: For any communications or miscommunications 😛 the hashtag to be used is #Blogchatterology 

We now call the contest live. Last date for submission of creatives is 31st December midnight.