We have more than Sixty Five Projects enrolled this season of Blogchatter Projects. And here we present to you the entire spread.

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 In no particular order: 

Name Name of Project
Vasantha Vivek Ecourse On Basic Mindfulness
ARV Jaipur then and Now
Dr Pooja Tripathi The Bachpan Project
Satarupa Kaur Smart Parenting For Smarter Kids
Agnivo Niyogi Scrap 377
Dr. Surbhi Prapanna “Health is Wealth”
Dr Bushra Nausheen
Muslim Matrimonials
Nayi Udaan
Book promotion
Disha Mehrotra Fighting Cancer
Poorvi Agrawal Lifestyle
Hena Jose Things you didn’t know about Everyday Life
Piyusha Vir Enhancing English
HUMAIRA SADAF Book Promotion
Kuheli Bhattacharya Let’s write about food
Uttpal Krushna Being The Real Human
Project Book Sale
Wowparenting (#MakingParentingFun)
Paresh Godhwani Food Destinations
Neha Tambe Learn not Educate
Shreemayee Chattoppadhyay #BeBeautifulChemicalFree
Rashi Mital Why aren’t we equal if we talk about equality’.
Geethica Mehra A word with God
Reema Dsouza The Postive Poetry
Sabeeka Lambe Healthy eating
Akshata My Voice Matters – A fight against sexism
Vikram Kamboj Sports for Social Change
upasna Gratitud Pie App
Shinjini Tarot fundamentals
Mansi Laus Deo My Vernacular Pen
Minakshi Bajpai Christmas and New Year Celebrations
danisha Sharing Happiness
Sushmita Malakar
Shruti Shankar Inner Engineering
Neha To Better Lives
Lavanya Maya & the Mind Mystics
Prateek Mathur Leadership Lessons in Everyday Life
Ishieta Predictions by IHC
Jayanthy Govindarajan Stray Dogs and Me
Ananya Kamboj My Journey from Mohali to St. Petersburg
Rohan Kachalia
Care to Love
The 23rd Girl
Amit Prakash Poetry lovers’ delight
Nupur Maskara Self Wellness Check
Vinay Leo R. Poetic Matters
Pratibha Fragments – 2
Monika Bhagavad-Gita
Rajesh K wowsuper.net
Dr.Amrita Basu Entrepreneurship and Social media promotion:What gives best ROI
SHRUTI Living with Genes
Ravish Mani
No Success Without Happiness
What is wrong in being a Slut?
Get featured in a book
Balaka Basu Raising Awareness for Interstitial Cystitis
Vani Sivasankar Everyday Design
Dr.Anita Sabat The Rasagola Project
Roma Gupta Sinha Make my books’The Fragrance of True Love’ and ‘Dare to Defy the Destiny’ Touch Many Hearts
MeenalSonal Sense the Positive Aura
Bhawna Recharge your pocket from Internet
Anupriya Various schools of Meditation
Romila Between the pages
Geetika Gupta Break the Barrier
Ankita Bhatia Dhawan Working Mom’s Guide to Rocking It All
Richa Singh Indian Edit Look
Shweta Dave Cruelty Towards Pet Dogs
Natasha Travel Epiphanies