Blog Chatter Prompt: Because I’m happy

“Because I’m happy
Clap your hands if you feel like a room without a roof
Because I’m happy
Clap your hands if you feel like happiness is the truth

Are you singing along? I bet you are! Pharell Williams gave us the happy song.

But humans that we are, we are not always happy. Though it is easier to find reasons to be happy rather than to be sad, we somehow focus on the negatives rather than the positives.

But if you look around, there is always a reason to be happy! A little victory or when something goes right. Solving a mystery or not giving up without a fight. A surprise, a gift, a little deed of kindness- both doing one or being the recipient of one. A little note of appreciation or an unexpected reward. Finding something that was lost or losing something that you always wanted to lose. A call, a text, a hug, a kiss! Having food from your favourite restaurant or eating that yummy street side food. A little sunshine after the rain or a little smile after being in pain. Or the fact that you are alive! Isn’t that a reason enough to be happy?

There are so many ways to be happy as well as spread happiness. So this time for the prompt, spread some happiness. Tell us what makes you happy. As simple as that. And what do you do when you are happy? Do you dance or do you jump? Tell us your happy story and spread some cheer around. Be happy!

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Reema D’Souza

Is an engineer by the day and when the sun sets to make way for the night, she puts on her thinking cap and her fingers itch to hit the keyboard and write.While not writing- code or creative stuff, she prefers to read. Give her a good book, some fresh air and some food and she promises not to disturb you until she finishes the book. She likes keeping herself busy be it with reading, writing, music or sports! She loves to talk a lot but yes she loves quiet walks in nature.

She blogs at Reema Writes.