Books I love

When I was growing up I was rushing through the years with a sense of abandon. I had nothing much on hand barring my Charles Dickens and George Elliots.

And then when it was time to take to college a cultural shock combined with a sense of alienation, my fingers automatically held onto Salman Rushdie’s mystical writing to survive.

Books I love.

We all in our own way discover a world beyond the realm of tangible moments. A vicarious journey that takes us far into a character’s virtual life and beyond.

These books save us from a horrible present, a foreboding future and at times omit the mistakes of our past.

Books I love.

So this week we are keeping it simple, write a post celebrating the book(s) you love. Write a letter to those characters who turned out to be best companions of insomniac nights. A message back to the author whose next book was the best future you hoped for yourself.

And before you leave, do read Ralph Ellison on Literature as a Voice Against Injustice, a Chariot of Hope, and a Lens on the Human Experience I believe it will make for a rather inspiring mid-week read 🙂

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