Down the memory lane

Life is a journey. Each day is a new beginning for us. We look for a fresh start. On this journey called life, we gain a lot and we lose a lot. We have our share of moments that bring us joy and then there are the ones that bring sorrow. We have our share of success to celebrate and our share of burdens to carry. But as we journey through life, we look back.

On those happy occasions, we remember when times wee not so good but yet we managed to sail through and reach a happy ending.

On those sad occasions, we look back on the happy memories and wish we could be happy again.

When we celebrate our success, we recall the difficulties that we had to endure to reach the pinnacle of success.
When we fail, we go back and look at the mistake we made.

No matter what, we tend to look back. We tend to walk down the memory lane.

Nostalgia comes and engulfs you when you least expect. It doesn’t need a special occasion or a devastating failure. It just comes swooping in and before you know it, you are wrapped in its embrace. The familiar of face of someone who is now a stranger, an award you won while in school, a long lost souvenir which reminds you of the wonderful trip you took. It is easy to begin the trip down the memory lane, but when you finish the trip you feel like you are the luckiest person or you may end up with many regrets.

We cannot rest on the laurels of the past nor can we just forget the lessons that it taught us. The past is an essential ingredient for the present and future. A trip down the memory lane is sometimes essential to pick yourself up and move on, to not lose heart and to say to yourself that you’ve either made a mark or you’ve either learned a lot from the lessons that life had to offer you.

This week, walk down the memory lane and tell us your stories. I know there are a plenty of them. You just have to write.

Add your posts below and deep dive into reading others to figure out better blogging.

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Is an engineer by the day and when the sun sets to make way for the night, she puts on her thinking cap and her fingers itch to hit the keyboard and write.While not writing- code or creative stuff, she prefers to read. Give her a good book, some fresh air and some food and she promises not to disturb you until she finishes the book. She likes keeping herself busy be it with reading, writing, music or sports! She loves to talk a lot but yes she loves quiet walks in nature.

She blogs at The Write World.