“Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun, it is to ride,
In a one horse open sleigh!”

I can’t stop humming Christmas carols all day.

Christmas is just a few days away!

The atmosphere already feels Christmasy! The nip in the air, the sound of the jingles and the melodious carols, the delicious aroma of the cakes and the cookies, the bright and shiny decorations and not to forget the last minute shopping for this and that. But wait, am I not forgetting something?

Christmas is the season of sharing– of giving each other the warmth of love, of bringing smiles in the form of gifts both great and small.

I’m sure Santa is already on his way giving out gifts. And the good girls and boys(young at heart always :P) that we have been throughout the year, I’m sure we will get our share of gifts or we’ve already got few. Playing Secret Santa and not so Secret Santa is fun. So this week while admiring your lovely gifts while enjoying some Christmas cake, write a post about “Gifts”

Write about your wishlist, the perfect gift for you! Who knows after reading your post Santa will be super happy and send you your perfect gift? Or tell about the time you pranked someone in the pretext of gifting them. But most importantly write about the time when your gift brought a smile on someone’s face. Your gifts need not be the ones wrapped in shiny papers, with a colourful bow with a nice note to go along it. Just share a story from your heart. Share your own Christmas story.

So while your hanging out stockings, waiting for Santa to load you with gifts, write out a lovely post and share it here by adding it to the linky. You may also add your Christmas posts to the linky below !

Here’s wishing all of you a Merry Christmas!
May the joy of Christmas stay forever in your hearts.

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Reema D’Souza

Is an engineer by the day and when the sun sets to make way for the night, she puts on her thinking cap and her fingers itch to hit the keyboard and write.While not writing- code or creative stuff, she prefers to read. Give her a good book, some fresh air and some food and she promises not to disturb you until she finishes the book. She likes keeping herself busy be it with reading, writing, music or sports! She loves to talk a lot but yes she loves quiet walks in nature.