February is here and how can we not think about love?

It is love that makes this world a better place. It is love that makes us better human beings. True love lasts forever.

It is love that brings two souls together to share a lifetime together. It is love that makes a mother wake up in the middle of the night no matter how tired she is, just to see that her child has no trouble sleeping. It is love that makes the sister save a chocolate for her younger brother though she can eat it herself. It is love when a friend checks upon you when he or she knows that you are upset about something. Love doesn’t always have to be the romantic sort.

Love is in the little things that we do – the stolen glances, the shy smiles, the words of understanding, a hug, a kiss, a shared meal, a walk down the road, a text message, a phone call, a sleepless night, or may be those bunch of flowers to say sorry and make everything alright.

Love is also those books that your hoard, that wanderlust that lets you see the world, that blog that you created, the melodies that you made. Love is the things you want to do, no matter how difficult they are.

Or may be love is that tub of ice cream you want to empty, that bar of chocolate that you want to finish, that yummy biryani you want to lick your fingers clean! Okay, love is food. 😛

Love is not easy. It takes work. It takes effort. It takes time. But if everything came easy, would we be really appreciating what we have?

It may be love at first sight or love after a million fights. The spark may light up immediately or may be it needs more time to burn bright. Whatever be the case, love is precious. Love is special.

This week share with us your tale of love. It maybe your cute love story with your better half or may be your love story with your pillow and the snooze button. We are not stopping you! Think. What is love to you? Who is love to you? Tell us, we are listening.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Add your posts below and deep dive into reading others to figure out better blogging.

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Is an engineer by the day and when the sun sets to make way for the night, she puts on her thinking cap and her fingers itch to hit the keyboard and write.While not writing- code or creative stuff, she prefers to read. Give her a good book, some fresh air and some food and she promises not to disturb you until she finishes the book. She likes keeping herself busy be it with reading, writing, music or sports! She loves to talk a lot but yes she loves quiet walks in nature.

She blogs at The Write World.