Life goes on. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and before you know it even a year could have passed by. Time flies.

In this life that goes on, in this time that passes by, all of has have some sort of a routine. Wake up, work/study, cook, read, write, sleep. Or may be even eat-sleep-repeat, a routine nonetheless. It is easy to get lost in this routine, in the mundaneness of our everyday existence. There are moments, when we just exist and don’t live. Life gets boring and we get used to it.

There is happiness in finding what you seek to find. There is joy in finding what was lost after you looked for it. That happens often doesn’t it?

But isn’t there happiness is finding when you aren’t really look for it? Life goes by you and then there is this moment that you would have otherwise let it pass as just another moment, but that is moment that surprises you- a pleasant one at that. Everything seems normal and ordinary until something changes when you least expect and suddenly it all makes sense. A perfect moment which approaches you without your knowledge.

Don’t we have these moments of serendipity? It is a pleasant surprise. That rare occasion when you receive something you weren’t expecting it. You feel happy because you feel lucky! You feel blessed. Moments like that are hard to forget.

This week tell share with us your moment of serendipity or what would serendipity mean to you. Dig out stories from your life experiences or weave some of your own. Or wait, may be don’t look for it. Sometimes a story will just find its way to your head and then you just have to put it down into words.

Let us know your stories no matter how silly or funny they might be. Who knows something that you least expect would happen after you’ve shared your story!

Let the serendipitous stories begin to flow!

Add your posts below and deep dive into reading others to figure out better blogging.

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Is an engineer by the day and when the sun sets to make way for the night, she puts on her thinking cap and her fingers itch to hit the keyboard and write.While not writing- code or creative stuff, she prefers to read. Give her a good book, some fresh air and some food and she promises not to disturb you until she finishes the book. She likes keeping herself busy be it with reading, writing, music or sports! She loves to talk a lot but yes she loves quiet walks in nature.

She blogs at The Write World.