Testing Times

Come March and it is not just the beginning of summer, it is the beginning of another season. A one that each one of us have hated, feared and even cried about! It is the season of exams!

When I had to change the calendar from February to March, I couldn’t help but go back to the days when I was in school. March brought in all of us a dread. There were problems to be solved, theories to be understood, formulae to be mugged up, diagrams to be drawn, grammar to be perfected and the list went on! Now that I think about it, I wonder how our tiny brains could take in so much!

We couldn’t watch our favorite cartoons nor we could go out to play. We had to give up on favorite chaats and the like for we could not fall sick! We were supposed to just study. How we hated it! We were promised gifts and trips to our favorite places if we did well in our exams.

Time has passed, we have grown up. We may not have to write the school exams anymore but we are still faced with testing times! It is life that gives us the tests when we least expect. It teaches us lessons along the way only if we are willing to learn. For there is no fixed syllabus or no important questions.

This week tell us about the testing times that you have had to face and tell us how you overcame. Tell us your hilarious examination hall stories and we’ll have a laugh. Write your posts and link it to the Linky below!

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