Gender equality has been the buzz word for last few decades now. So daughters grow up to be as qualified as sons. They excel in their job, thanks to equal opportunities. However all good things do have a bad side. And one of the side effects or probably the only one is that women now have a successful job or business in addition to the lead responsibility of running their home. Hence less than 10% women make it to the top management as most of them end up quitting somewhere down the path of marriage-motherhood.

Today I chose to write about this because very frankly I had some free time on my hand and I was wondering if I did the right thing by quitting the high achieving-fat paycheque job.

After my kids happened, I find myself interacting mainly with women who are also mothers. And I have been hearing too many women say, “I had to quit my job because of kids”. But is that really the case? Did I really quit because of kids? The answer is NO. I quit because it’s one life to live and I want to do everything that matters to me. I quit because I knew I would be able to squeeze in time for the kids somehow but I would miss out on my me-time. I quit because I wanted to have time for our dinner dates and late movie nights. I quit because I wanted to learn cooking and watch my family relish it. I quit because I wanted to enjoy the coffee mornings with my friends.I quit because I wanted guilt free time for everything big or small.

I could have continued the office-home routine considering I had a stable help situation. But when I look back I feel fully satisfied with my work-life. I was at a juncture where I could have taken yet another promotion. Or I could have said, I have done what I wanted to, everything that mattered as a professional. Now it’s time to move-on and do what matters next. I chose the later!!

Did I do the right thing or no, I don’t know. It certainly does feel like one though.

Barring a few cases where in the mom “needs’ to be at home for the lack of a stable support system or financial obligations or in more unfortunate cases of health issues, it’s a choice that we are making. The decision could be because we want to provide more time to the kids or watch them grow closely. But let’s not forget that we chose to give this a higher priority than our job!!

And hence I didn’t “had” to quit my job. I “Chose” to quit !

This is my take, it’s my choice. Let me state at this point that I do not support working mom or SAHM. I have done both and I respect both.

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