Blogchatter was an idea that got sparked by observing that despite the growing clout of bloggers everywhere and the aggressive advancement of twitter in our lives, the twain had not quite met. With travel chats, book chats and even food chats! A dedicated twitter weekly chat on blogging was completely missing in action.

Where there is a need, there is a startup. They say, we don’t! 😀

Every Wednesday 8.30 PM IST (2) (1)


And Voila, Blogchatter was born!

Every Wednesday 8.30 PM IST a weekly twitter chat where various topics related to blogging and bloggers began to be discussed. And before we knew it the community grew in numbers and interactions.

Five bloggers meeting at lunch discussed Blogchatter and sent us messages of appreciation and love. We knew we had achieved what we had set out to.

Creating conversations through our content. Making connections with our posts. And more importantly embarking on a grand journey of friendship and bonds.

So much for history!

Presently, every Wednesday you can simply tune in sharp 8.30 PM IST and look for the hashtag stream to see the madness that ensues in the Blogchatter hour. We almost every time trend across India and when the day is good we get to trend in top ten as well!

Photo credits: Divyakshi Gupta