Have you been taking notes last few months at Blogchatter? If yes, then you are definitely attending some of our best author sessions this year – Writing festival has literally come to town and how!

As part of festival, you would also know that there are book giveaways (what more does a literature enthusiast need!) and we are taking a short pit-stop and deciding to announce the giveaways for few before the final curtain drops on the festival.

The lucky fellows at community who are receiving a book each are :

Name of Winner Book Signed by Author
Rashi Anand
Don Rickie
Ravish Sutapa
Pratikshya Sutapa
Richa Shrivastava Kanchana
Pooja Priyamvada Rickie
Dr Roshan R Dipankar
Varsha Anand
Disha Kanchana

Congratulations all of you! Please DM your addresses on our Twitter account!

Now, if you did not find your name in the mix – we have two weekends of Writing Festival remaining still ! And there are going to be even more books up for grabs. All you need to be do is be online and tune into these sessions on Twitter and Facebook !

More details can be found :


Or simply add the complete Calendar to your phone – so you never miss a thing from us! More details here: Calendar