Every year Blogchatter likes to have a goal in mind for the year. It helps us tailor our communication and also gives us a direction to move in. Going through social media trends for 2019, we realized thought leadership would gain momentum and we for one were ready to jump onto this bandwagon.

Thus was born our track, #LeaderChatter, which would systematically take us through the process of becoming a thought leader. And this is what we will be further exploring in the month of April as we go through the A2Z.

Why become a thought leader?

Most of the audience today is online and they are consuming content that influences their behavior. YOU can become the person that influences your reader’s behavior. And what do you get in return?

  • Boost in your web traffic
  • Provides organic media opportunities – like being invited for a talk
  • Generates a positive momentum around you, your ideas and initiatives over time
  • Delivers value to the brand you interact with + credible, whetted information to your reader

What do you need to become a thought leader?

Content – always. Effective, reliable content that educates.

Personal brand – audiences like humans, just like websites with their captchas. So everything you do for your brand, has to begin with YOU: your thoughts, your voice, your experiences.

Consistency – thought leadership has a long-term payoff which means it requires constant attention. Even if you’re not constantly generating new content, you should maintain your visibility.

Authenticity – being a thought leader isn’t a gimmick, it is a space you build for yourself and if you want this space to grow, you need to build it. And the only way you can build it consistently is through being true to who you are.

So these are our two-cents on how you can be a thought leader. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!