Being published is the dream of every writer and we open registrations for #BlogchatterEbook Carnival Season 5 where you get the chance to be the author of a shiny new ebook.

Before you overthink or your mind gets bombarded with doubts and questions, we are here to answer most of them.

Why do I need to publish an ebook?

Well, why not? You are a blogger or a content creator and an ebook is the perfect way to reach newer audience and expand your readership.

I already have a good following on my blog!

We are sure you are quite a popular blogger with enviable stats but an ebook is not just handier than a bunch of blog posts but also positions you as an authority on your subject.

I would rather be published through a traditional publisher!

If being published through a traditional publishing house is your ultimate goal, it’s amazing. The ebook carnival helps you take the first step towards your goal.

You understand the nitty gritties of collating material for a book, with a coherent narrative along with the importance of an introduction, the body of the work as chapters and a conclusion. For a fictional setting, the structure of the book would be different, but you would understand how important it is to hold the interest of your readers.

An ebook, eh. How exactly do I do this?

If you have been writing for #BlogchatterA2Z and feel your blog posts have a lot of value, you can convert that material to an ebook. Of course, you would need to edit out certain things and add in a few others but basically your content is right there on the blog.

Have you been writing short stories or a novella and it’s in the closet? Time to let your manuscript see light and glory.

If however, you were not a part of the A2Z and would like to participate in the carnival, that is possible too! Write something fresh or find your favourite blog posts that you think could turn into an ebook.

What about the tech stuff?

We give you a checklist when you put together the ebook. Go through it and check every point. And then send it to us. In case you feel stuck, we have mentors to guide you through the entire process.

We will give your book a celebrity launch and present it to the community for honest feedback and book reviews. Your book stays on the Blogchatter website and us available for downloads for a month. You can get a lot of exposure and noise around your book launch that is the stuff of dreams 😉

What if no one reads my book?

The advantage of getting published through #BlogchatterEbook Carnival is that you have co-authors and an entire community who would be interested in reading your book.

What is more, you would also get at least 1 review from the co-authors who are also participating.

The response and the feedback to your book would help you gauge the interest around your book, its content and what things work well.

What next? Will I be a world famous author?

Fame may not be so elusive after all! After the Ebook Carnival ends, you can take the next step and publish it through KDP for a wider audience. You can get the book published as a paperback through a traditional publisher and we will guide you on how to pitch your manuscript and more.

Count me in! What do I do?

Leg up to the Frequently Asked Questions, get the lowdown on what you can expect and if you are excited to be part of this wonderful opportunity, fill up the form.

See you on the other side, author!

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