The power of blogging and social media cannot be emphasized enough. It can move mountains and lead to social impact campaigns. 2018 at Blogchatter has all been about impact and what better way to create impact through your online presence then to dust off that pet project, that social cause you wanted to champion but couldn’t decide how, that ebook you want more readers for, that e-course you wanted to launch…

What can be a project?

In its Season 1, Blogchatter Projects saw 65 projects ranging from e-courses on mindfulness, to crowd sourcing for an app to scraping of 377, to must visit food joints to getting sales for an ebook. To answer that all important question, it can be anything. Here is a list of all Season 1 Projects for some inspiration.

What do you need to enter this campaign?

  • Objective of the project i.e. a qualitative idea of what you want to achieve. For example: e-course on mindfulness
  • Success metric i.e. a quantitative idea of how you will measure the success of your project for the one month (10th November to 10th December) that it is live. For example: 4 sign ups for the e-course

Do watch this live here to further understand why it is important for you to define these in order to enter the campaign.

Season 2 is different: it will be limited to 25 entries

Though we had 65 participants last time, for Season 2, we will be shortlisting 25 entries out of all the entries we receive. Why? To ensure the participants truly learn and grow from this experience and the projects don’t fizzle out after the 1 month is done.

Why should you apply?

  • Exclusive sessions will be planned for shortlisted participants to ensure their project is successful
  • There will be 3 winners who will get takeover access to Blogchatter social media handle for 24 hours
  • Every shortlisted Project will be promoted on Blogchatter Social Media Profiles and Emailers

Terms and Conditions

  • The decision of the jury will be final
  • The takeover access of handle will be subject to certain dos and don’ts

PS: Here’s a handy PDF with experiences of Season 1 participants and a few FAQs. You may want to read this to get a better understanding of what all you can do with this campaign.