#BlogchatterWritFest is back with a bang as Season Three kicks off from March 1. #BlogchatterWritFest is a unique literary festival in the online space where Blogchatter brings books, authors, publishers and editors to have scintillating conversations with its community of avid readers and aspiring writers.

For all of March, exciting and informative sessions will be conducted across Blogchatter’s social media accounts. Stay tuned for twitter takeovers and Instagram Lives. Your screens, headphones and notepads are your companions to this literary nirvana.

Here are the details of the authors and their sessions for the month of March.

Who will be joining us in Season Three?

Aditya Sinha – For full fledged journalist Aditya Sinha, writing non fiction comes naturally. Politics, economy and current affairs are some of the things he loves to write about. He will be talking about non-fiction writing on March 4 on Twitter, from the Blogchatter handle.

Samarpita Sharma – With degrees in Economics and Mass Communication and experience in journalism, Samarpita rules the world of freelancing and editing with aplomb. She owns a writing studio called Cover To Cover. She would be talking about beta reading and editing live on Instagram on March 7, at 9 pm.

Dipankar Mukherjee – The founder of Readomania, India’s fastest growing independent publishing house, Dipankar is passionate about bringing stories to readers.  He runs a writing retreat in the Himalayas where he conducts creative writing workshops. Dipankar would be conducting a writing workshop on Instagram on March 11 at 9 pm.

Anand Neelkantan – A prolific writer, Anand  has many books to his credit, including the bestseller, Asura tale of the Vanquished. His books explore the counter telling of mythology. Anand would be talking about modern/visual storytelling on Instagram Live on March 14, at 9 pm.

Chitra Divakaruni – With 18 books under her belt, Chitra Divakaruni believes in penning down character driven stories. Chitra feels it is the depth of a character which makes the story stand out and connect with the reader. Chitra would be talking about how to build memorable characters on Twitter in an all day session on March 18.

Posham Pa – Posham Pa is an attempt to bring together the gems of Hindi literature and literature of other languages, in Hindi. Posham Pa also provides a space for new writers to publish their own writings.The  motto is of the platform is ‘Sahej Hindi, Nahi Mahez Hindi’. Posham Pa would be taking over Twitter on March 21 to talk about poetry writing.

Kanchana Banerjee – Kanchana has been into content creation for more than two decades. She has experience in various genres which include fiction, PR and writing for corporate clients. Her work involves writing to specifications and a lot of rewriting so as to make the cut for publication.
She would be talking about how to rewrite your manuscript so that publishers accept it on Instagram Live on March 25 at 9 pm.

Kiran Manral – Kiran Manral is a bestseller author. Apart from fiction, she has excelled in the non fiction book ‘Karmickids’ direct from personal parenting. She’s the idea editor at the woman’s channel ‘SheThePeopleTV’.
Kiran would be talking about how to market your book as an author on Instagram Live on March 28 at 9 pm.

We are sure these excellent and insightful sessions would be a wonderful learning for everyone in the community. Don’t forget to keep track of #BlogchatterWritFest and save the calendar to not miss a thing!