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Culture & Entertainment, 16 Aug 2021

Abhangwani - Vibrant Corner of Every Marathi Heart

Legendary classical vocalists and musicians took abhangs which are deep rooted in Marathi tradition and took it to concert level.…

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Writing, 14 Aug 2021

अधीर मन

एक छोटीशी कविता भेटीची हुरहूर व प्रेमाची अधीरता रंगवणारी. Hope you will enjoy the poetry, my recitation of the same…

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Culture & Entertainment, 12 Aug 2021

5 Marathi Films that you shouldn't miss

Marathi film industry has its own glory and has produced many masterpieces and classics. I am putting the list of…

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Life & Lifestyle, 10 Aug 2021

Indian Classical - tunes which I love

Music, a thing which captures the mood of the human mind and comes out as a tune which one hums.…

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Life & Lifestyle, 9 Aug 2021

Faith - it's good to have some

Faith, a power which keeps you grounded and stable. Some find them in religion, some in rituals, some in values.…

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Writing, 5 Aug 2021

एकच प्रश्न

माझी एक ताजी नवी मराठी कविता, प्रेम, विरह, आणि एकूणच आयुष्याबद्दल बोलणारी. लहानशीच आहे. तुम्हाला कशी वाटली ते नक्की सांगा.

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BookChatter, 5 Aug 2021

Audiobooks - a newfound joy

Today in the digital era, the world of books has followed suit with all other artforms and transformed itself to…

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BookChatter, 4 Aug 2021

eBooks and a joy of traveling lite

If you are a bibliophile on the move, traveling lite is the key. Nothing works better than eBooks in that…

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BookChatter, 3 Aug 2021

Urban Gypsy vs Paperback Loyalist - very exciting tussle

It was all going smoothly. My book collection was looking pretty on a bookshelf. I had earned my title as…

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BookChatter, 1 Aug 2021

From Subscriber to Paperback Loyalist

Books are important in the life of a bibliophile. For me, having my lovely paperbacks around me always cheers up…