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Culture & Entertainment, 12 Aug 2021

‘Searching’ – Gripping Crime Thriller – A Unique Watch

I don’t know how many of you have seen this 2018 Hollywood thriller ‘Searching‘, but I am guessing many of…

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Culture & Entertainment, 8 Aug 2021

'Yesterday Park' By ISLAND - Album Review

Fans of ISLAND will be already excited to listen to this new offering by the band. For others who have…

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Life & Lifestyle, 8 Aug 2021

What If All The Men Vanish From This World ?

When this thought suddenly came to my mind this morning, I was left wondering. Just imagine, one fine morning you…

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Writing, 7 Aug 2021

My Diary Entry Dated 07.08.2021

It’s diary time once again :). After the last one I wrote in July, one significant change has happened in…

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Writing, 5 Aug 2021

Spellings, Typography, Grammar, Language | Are These Essential In Blog Writing ?

What prompted me to write this one is clicking a blog post recently, and upon going through the post in…

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Culture & Entertainment, 3 Aug 2021

Patrick Watson Releases Visually Brilliant New Song 'Can't Stop Staring At The Sun'

Canadian singer songwriter Patrick Watson releases his brand new song and has a stunning music video to back it up.…

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Writing, 3 Aug 2021

Am I Too Weak, Being Soft Spoken And Introvert ?

I know I am talking too much about me in my posts these days, and that generally goes against my…

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Life & Lifestyle, 1 Aug 2021

Will I Ever Age ? A Self Declaration

I have wondered sometimes, will age catch up with me some days, will I ever age ? And the more…

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Writing, 1 Aug 2021

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Review Every Book I Read

Even before I start writing this one, I must say this is purely my personal view on how I look…

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Writing, 1 Aug 2021

Favorite Era In Music : Does It Actually Exist ?

I must agree that’s an interesting subject to talk about. But I wish to keep it short, and not kinda…