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Life & Lifestyle, 15 Aug 2021

Free Or Bound?

It is that time of the year when patriotism runs high among all of us in India. The national flag…

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Life & Lifestyle, 13 Aug 2021

Motherhood: Take It Easy

Motherhood is a wonderful journey that needs to be enjoyed at every step, not a process that needs to be…

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Life & Lifestyle, 12 Aug 2021

Love Beyond Boundaries

A small poetry, one that may not fit into any form or meter but is certainly loaded with tons of…

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CauseAChatter, 11 Aug 2021

Motherhood Vs. Career: Is There Need To Make A Choice?

Thousands of women in India and across the globe are questioned about their decisions to have a child while being…

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Life & Lifestyle, 10 Aug 2021

Stop Fixing Others; Say No To Body Shaming

Body shaming can appear very casual, but has deep-rooted impact on the victim. Its time we stop fixing others and…

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CauseAChatter, 8 Aug 2021

Homemakers Deserve Respect Too

Managing a home also requires planning, multitasking and organization skills-- why doesn't it get the respect it deserves? Isn't it…

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Life & Lifestyle, 7 Aug 2021

The Real Self Vs. The Visible Self

Have you ever wondered if what you do or who you really are is the real you or the visible…

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Life & Lifestyle, 4 Aug 2021

The Number 3 And Why It Holds A Special Place In My Heart (And Life too!)

I was the third girl child to my parents. From disliking being the third, I gradually looked up all that…

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Life & Lifestyle, 3 Aug 2021


It's time we let go of comparison with others and look inwards. Perfectionism is over-hyped. Don't try to fit yourself…

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CauseAChatter, 2 Aug 2021

Women's Sports Deserves Attention Too

Women's sports does not get the attention it deserves which inhibits the women of younger generation to take up sports…