Mothers Day.

There are many narratives attached to an idea. So is the case with Mothers Day. It isn’t a day to celebrate only mothers. It is a day to celebrate people who have nurtured us, who have brought us to this point where you and we can sit across laptop screens and read each other.

Helped us be who we are today.

And to this day we dedicate our ‘Bring back the MOM in Supermom’ contest.

Share with us your thoughts on Mothers Day in the form of tweets, blogs or a video! And best three entries will win tea parties from Chai Point for their…. MOMS!


What are you even waiting for? Go ahead, start churning those thoughts and hit publish. If you have an old post you wish to recycle, we would happily have it with us.

Before you proceed to create those awesome ideas, we wish to quickly jot down the rules here:

  1. All entries on twitter must tag @blogchatter and use the hashtag #IndiaRunsOnChai. If you add @chai_point twitter handle as well, more the merrier!
  2. All blogposts must end with ‘This post has been written in association with Blogchatter and Chaipoint for their Mothers Day Special.” You can edit old posts to include same (we will accept those entries)

Yes that is about it! We keep things extremely simple for everyone to have fun!

We shall wait for your entries on twitter as well as here in our linky.

Happy Mothers Day!