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Women empowerment, 29 Jun 2022

Gender equality for Women's Empowerment

The UN, Women's Day theme this year was Gender Equality for a Sustainable tomorrow. I will discuss about some of…

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Mental health, 29 Jun 2022

10 Best Quotes On Mental Health Helps In Healing

A good mental health is the main ingredient to keep overall health at the best. Only mentally healthy person is…

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Disability, 29 Jun 2022

Differently abled: Acclamation or Euphemism?

Often we think using substitution terms such as "differently abled","physically or mentally challenged" or referring to the disabled as "people…

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Women empowerment, 29 Jun 2022

NOSTALGIC MOMENTS: #CauseAChatter: 'Slamming patriarchy' - a poem on women empowerment

I was seven the first time I asked my family astrologer  to read my palm,  and my grandma laughed a…

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Sustainable living, 28 Jun 2022

5 Sustainable Practices From My Grandma’s Life - Promising Poetry

My grandma breathed simplicity, self-reliance & discipline in such a way that sustainability became her being. Here is a small tribute…

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Access to education, 28 Jun 2022

Making India Educate and Learn - A Vibrant Palette

Online education was a saviour for schools and students alike in India during the pandemic. While the fear of infections…

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Mental health, 27 Jun 2022

10 Ways To Get Back Your Lost Confidence #CauseAChatter - Archus Blog

What is confidence? Confidence doesn’t mean that you can do everything in the world. Instead, it is all about knowing…

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Mental health, 26 Jun 2022

NOSTALGIC MOMENTS: #CauseaChatter: Learn to say 'No'

In life we are often faced with situations when yes seems to be the only answer. Sometimes it feels like…

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Discrimination, 25 Jun 2022

LGBT+ Scientists #LGBT #Scientist #Discrimination #Inclusiveness #CauseAChatter - Pebble In The Still Waters

Many campuses across the globe, specifically in the United States and Europe, are fully supporting LGBT+ community by becoming inclusive…

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Climate change, 24 Jun 2022


  As Lao Tzu says, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” It is a silent teacher, which teaches…