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Gender Talks, 8 Mar 2021

Why Solocation can rejuvenate homemakers?

Benefits of taking personal time off, as a solocation, for our mental wellbeing and rejuvenation - A personal experience shared…

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Gender Talks, 3 Mar 2021

5 Progressive Movies That Broke Gender Stereotypes #CauseAChatter

Movies have been sprinkled with nasty gender stereotypes and dished out to us for years. An honest jobless hero, a…

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Gender Talks, 28 Feb 2021

A Change in the Wedding Plan

Nowadays, Indian women support their spouses and share their responsibilities, isn’t it fair that men too pitch in the wedding…

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Gender Talks, 27 Feb 2021

Gender (In)Justice Does Not Depend Upon Upbringing Alone

It's no use blaming the family alone for injustice towards any gender, particularly women. It's the responsibility of the society…

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Gender Talks, 24 Feb 2021

Curiosity, Concern, or Cruelty? #NoKidNoCry

I understand that the concept of choosing not to have a child is still an alien concept in India but…

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Gender Talks, 21 Feb 2021

Is there a powerful gender bias & pay-gap in the freelance industry?

A tiny strand of perceptions about hiring women freelance professionals versus male freelancers in the burgeoning, ultra-competitive content industry. What…

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Gender Talks, 20 Feb 2021

To Men Who Don’t Believe That Most Women Are Groped or Molested.

If this is the experience of every woman, imagine the number of men out there who are doing the groping…

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Gender Talks, 17 Feb 2021

Indian Feminist Fiction: Must-Read Translated Literature #CauseAChatter

Indian women writers have always questioned societal norms through their writing. The literature has shaped the modern Indian woman of…

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Gender Talks, 17 Feb 2021

Mental health for Moms to be #GenderTalks

Mental health for Moms to be #GenderTalks is writing across three categories from the CauseAchatter campaigns.But when you read it…

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Gender Talks, 10 Feb 2021

#Dysphoric – A four-part documentary series by Vaishanvi Sundar

A review and an earnest request to all to understand the importance of Mental Health, more specifically about Gender Dysphoria…