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Access to education, 9 Feb 2022

Let Them Fly: Education for the Underprivileged Children in India – The Saffron Storyteller

Education is such a word that is equally powerful and beautiful. Education is the power itself on which this world…

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Climate change, 9 Feb 2022

Book Spotlight – Clean Air by Sarah Blake

Trees in attack mode with poisonous pollen. An all-too-real climate apocalypse. Clean Air is a rousing examination of the repercussions of environmental…

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Discrimination, 8 Feb 2022

Kinder Joy and teaching the future generation gender equality | Wizardencil

We decided to get him another Kinder Joy and I was in for a rude shock. The shopkeeper asked me…

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Mental health, 8 Feb 2022

What is Behavioral Health

Mental Health and Behavioral Health sometimes come under the same category. But Behavioral Health depends mostly on our daily activities

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Mental health, 7 Feb 2022

Mental Health Found A place In Budget 2022 #MentalHealth #CauseAChatter – Imagemakeover

Being a mental health advocate, I was thrilled with the announcement of “Mental Health and R&D been given a top…

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Disability, 7 Feb 2022

Disability Inclusion is the need of the hour

Disability inclusion- just two simple words, but shackled by various barriers! There's a lot to be done before it can…

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Sustainable living, 3 Feb 2022


  GAME -III On the Day three of the campaign #WRITE A PAGE A DAY, Pallankuzhi an ancient game which…

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Sustainable living, 3 Feb 2022

Puer - Eco-friendly Home Care Products - zarahatkeblog

I have been on this quest to lead a life that doesn’t harm nature and is less dependent on chemical-laden products.…

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Legal rights awareness, 2 Feb 2022

Basic Legal Rights of children in India #CauseAChatter - A Vibrant Palette

As parents, we always strive to give our kids the best. Whether it is nutritious food to boost their immunity,…

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Mental health, 2 Feb 2022

Loneliness – a slow poison – Chinmayee's Creations

Photo by Pixabay on The pandemic has altered our life patterns and a lot of us are still trying…