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Mental Health Talks, 18 Dec 2021

Mental Health Benefits of Reading Books | Wizardencil

Mental health and reading have a close connection. Storytelling, creative writing, and reading have long been recognized for their therapeutic…

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Gender Talks, 17 Dec 2021

5 Bollywood movies that broke the Gender Stereotypes - Kreativemommy

Bollywood has many movies that has strong female characters. I am sharing a list of 5 Bollywood movies that broke…

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Mental Health Talks, 16 Dec 2021

How To Deal With Self-Defeating Behaviors? #CauseAChatter – Imagemakeover

Get out of your comfort zone, accept the change, be positive, be resilient, perseverance is the key to success are…

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Environmental Talks, 16 Dec 2021

House of the Aquatic Beings – Shedd Aquarium, Chicago - Nils Around The World

I have been fascinated with fish since childhood; I used to have pet goldfish and guppies. I tended to them…

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Mental Health Talks, 15 Dec 2021

Effects of Social Media on Body Image and Mental Health

How Social Media Affects body image and mental health - Everyone loves social media and its numerous advantages of bringing…

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Mental Health Talks, 13 Dec 2021

Mental Health Of Students | Mental Challenges - Wigglingpen

The mental health of students, need to be known and how to handle them is important. Check out Wigglingpen shares…

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Mental Health Talks, 12 Dec 2021

9 ways of coping with new mum stress - Being Rubitah

You've just had a baby, the most beautiful blessing in the world! But as time is passing, you are recognizing…

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Environmental Talks, 11 Dec 2021

OKAS Residency in Lucknow: First Green Homes in Lucknow

Looking for a beautiful property that holds up eco-friendly and sustainable values in Lucknow? OKAS Residency is your best bet!

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Mental Health Talks, 10 Dec 2021

Sharing my ways of dealing with stress and being a calmer parent - Mummatalks

Sharing my ways of dealing with stress and being a calmer parent. Be real and have less expectations. Kids will…