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Mental health, 19 Jan 2022

The cult of productivity – Shinjini Mehrotra

Toxic productivity, hustle culture, and the relentless drive to optimize every aspect of our lives has led to a culture…

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Mental health, 16 Jan 2022

Pandemic and Family Wellbeing

An urge to want to see if small intentional actions can really bring about the tsunami like wave that looks…

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Sustainable living, 15 Jan 2022

SUSTAINABLE LIVING ???????? – Soulful BookParadise

What is sustainable living to you? We clearly know this answer, also to mention that since childhood we have read…

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Women empowerment, 13 Jan 2022

WOMEN EMPOWERMENT ???? – Soulful BookParadise

What do we say when we talk about women’s empowerment? In general, we call it empowering women from all aspects…

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Climate change, 13 Jan 2022

A Breath of Fresh Air

"Every breath of air that we take, every mouthful of food that we take comes from that the natural world.…

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Sustainable living, 12 Jan 2022

What Exactly Is Sustainable Living? - Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

One might argue that industries, airlines, etc contribute more to global warming and we don't see them making any amends,…

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Sustainable living, 3 Jan 2022


  EVERY ONE has their own routine of things done in a particular style that too which is convenient and…