Friends can pick off from where they left their last cup of tea with just as much as an offer of another one.

They are strange in their ways, in being your second best always, they attempt to be your best. From those silent tears of joy when you got your first job to celebrating an ongoing sour relationship’s final courtesy call ‘break up’ – they always know. What you need. What is for your best.

And all this in exchange for a few hours and a hot cup of tea. Nothing more nothing less.

Do you remember that wordless conversation you had with your bestie across the exam hall. And the loud chatter at the chai stall where you both proudly proclaimed you weren’t going to score a digit in that exam.

How can two people move across so many sounds in no time?

This Friendship day, lets dedicate a blog to those chai-sutta chronicles. To those timeless memories of fun, frolic and much chatter !

Introduce to us a friend. Blog a him or her. And who knows you might win yourself a Chaayos goodies bag as well. This of course in addition to the countless smiles and memories that you shall spread.

A fun fact – If your blog captures an authentic chai story in any form then your blog will be compulsorily (yes no take or toss) promoted across all Chaayos social media network as featured content!

So what are you waiting for? Get going. Start jotting down memories, pour your heart out. Today make a friend your only best from second best. Give them back their long overdue.

A quick rule book?

1 Write a fresh post (s) or a video blog about a friend, introducing him or her to us.

2 Add the line: This post has been written in association with Chaayos & Blogchatter on occasion of Friendship Day

3 Share the post on Facebook tagging – that friend , Chaayos and Blogchatter (to help us get your entry correctly registered)

4 Sharing on Facebook is compulsory. All other social media networks comes under -More the merrier

Contest is live as this hits publish. Last date to submit posts is Sunday 7th August midnight. 

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