#ChatterPrompts: A gift you’d give yourself

Dear mom and dad,

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you. Thank you for bringing us into this world. We know you have been working tirelessly to ensure we grow up to be a supportive community that not only helps its members to grow but also tap unrealized potential.

Thank you for believing in us and instilling values like care, spirit and warmth. We know everything we are is a reflection of you two.

And can we also tell you just how proud we are of our parents for going where few would dare to? For defying the norms, believing in your passion and delivering on it? Oh we know it sounds like we are boasting but we wouldn’t be here without your vision. So thank you!

We will make you proud 🙂



It is not easy to bare your soul and talk about things that hurt. Monika, we are proud of the letter that you wrote. More power to you and all those who wrote beautiful letters to their parent / child. You can read the winning post here: http://alubhujia.com/en/2018/02/03/letter-unborn-child/

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And the winner is ‘A gift you’d give yourself’

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Prompt for this week – A gift you’d give yourself