Creating an Impact through Online Efforts

On 5th January 2018, we hosted a panel discussion on Facebook Live discussing how to go about creating an impact through online efforts. Since 2018 is the Blogchatter Year of Impact, the panel discussion was poised to kick off the ideas we are building at Blogchatter to facilitate our theme.

Akash Banerjee, a media professional and a popular Youtuber along with Rana Safvi, author and a columnist, participated in the discussion. The discussion was moderated by Richa Singh (co-founder Blogchatter).

Since the main topic of discussion was how to create an impact online, Rana pointed out how important it is to stay true your personal self both offline and online. She stressed on the necessity to match your personality both in the world of the internet and social media and in the real physical world.

Akash noted that it is necessary to curate the content in order to make sure that it matches the unspoken identity of a particular social website and he took the example of a plate of food and how sharing it on different platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook would draw different responses.

The guests also pointed out the importance of carving out a niche in order to have the most impact.

Quality Content

A viewer, Piyusha Vir asked about how to make one’s presence felt in the overcrowded online world. Rana suggested her to be more concerned with putting the content out there than on the quantitative traits like followers, retweets or likes. Akash agreed with her and shared an anecdote about how people with lacks of followers put out content that less people interacted with than the content Akash put out which had a high rate of engagement.

It was summarized by Piyusha in a comment about how engagement and interaction is more important than followers, retweets and likes.

The guests also talked about the abuse handed out by trolls and how to manage it as everyone agreed that engagement with a troll who wishes only to abuse you is a battle lost in itself. It is unlikely that you would manage to change the mind of a person who is bent on showing you down or abusing you.

The consistency with which we should put out our content and how well researched and easy to read it must be was another topic of discussion.

Akash and Rana both said that it is important to consistently put out well researched articles and content on a regular basis and not worry about the traffic as it may not arrive immediately but only over time as the word gets around, the sponsors kick in and you make a name for yourself for the quality of your content and nothing else.

The viewers appreciated and acknowledged the practical knowledge shared in this half hour discussion through the comments commending the quality of practical knowledge and advice shared.

Identify your Niche

The discussion was rounded up with theoretical advice from Rana about using social media and interacting with followers who belong to the same niche as you and Akash provided some practical insight as he pointed out the importance of knowing the type of content that is likely to succeed on a given social online platform.

If you are interested in viewing the complete conversation then you can go and watch the panel discussion here : FB Chatter Creating Impact Through Online Efforts.

FB Chatter is one of our fresh weekly tracks where every Friday we will be hosting three Industry experts and engaging their thoughts on a pre-scheduled topic.

In continuation of same, this week we have a Live Panel Discussion scheduled once again on Friday, 12th January at 9.30 PM IST on ‘Future of Freelancing’.

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