In over twenty years, Amphan is the most powerful cyclone to have hit eastern India. Tearing down homes, flooding streets, uprooting trees and electric pylons, it has wrecked places and claimed several lives. Cyclone Amphan continues to show its fury. The beautiful mangroves of Sunderbans and the place that holds the population of the world’s endangered tigers has borne the brunt. Bengal is definitely shaken by the horrific cyclone and so is Bangladesh and Orissa. It is said that parts of Tamil Nadu, Andaman & Nicobar and Andhra Pradesh are likely to face the cyclone too. “The war-like situation seems like a much bigger disaster than the pandemic,” says Bengal’s CM.

From Our Community

In Blogchatter’s community we have quite a few members living close to or right in these cyclone hit areas. We had a word with them today about the situation they are facing. Mustering up courage when you witness long hours of power cut, water filling up in apartments is not easy. It is not easy to tell your young child that everything is going to be okay. It is quite hard to brush away the fear that accompanies such natural calamities. And this was just the arrival of the cyclone. We reach out to each other, making sure we’re safe and sound, and in moments like these we remember that, every moment of feeling safe is a moment to be thankful for.

A Wave Of Hope


After authorities began to examine the damage, widespread relief and evacuation of people from affected places have begun. A new disaster doesn’t mean the ongoing one is over. Social distancing and the scare of the pandemic is in the air. Amidst all of this, we can stand in solidarity and help people get back to their feet. We have crowd sourced some NGOs that are reaching out and doing what they can to support the affected citizens, just like we did when the pandemic began.

NGO List Updated 28th May, 2020:

  1. Rural Health Care Foundation: A project started by two brothers, it has now transformed to an initiative serving millions of patients per year and generating employment for many. It offers primary healthcare to the underprivileged community through a chain of 15 primary health centres located in remote rural regions of West Bengal and the urban slums of Kolkata. You can reach out here.
  2. Sabuj Sangha: They aim to empower the less fortunate in Bengal through regular health camps They provide them access to government schemes and also help them with antenatal and postnatal care. This NGO is committed to improving the lives of people. Help them reach out to people in this critical situation.
  3. BRAC: This organization supports 200,000 people who survive on daily wages. With an already tough battle, there is one more to fight off now. Reach out here.
  4. Paripurnata Halfway Home: This place provides a safe shelter and rehabilitation for people with mental illness. With the right psychosocial rehab, they help them improve their quality of life and go back to their homes. Contact them here.
  5. Mukti: Mukti is a foundation that has many programs to choose from. Help them restore the Sunderbans to their past beauty. You can contribute as per your interest here.
  6. West Bengal State Emergency Relief Fund: This relief fund has been set up to prevent and control unforseen situations. Their bank details are: ICICI Bank, Howrah branch, A/C no. 628005501339, IFSC Code: ICICI0006280, Swift code: ICICINBBCTS, MICR Code 700229010. For contribution in kind send an email to [email protected]
  7. Chief Minister’s Relief Fund: Donations made to this relief fund go to Orissa which has also been affected by the cyclone.
  8. Jadavpur Commune: Started by students of Jadavpur University from the first day of lockdown, they have been distributing food, medicines, ration and other emergency essentials. Details: Saurav Sahoo, A/C no. 917010064719427, Axis Bank, New Garia, UTIB0001482. PayTM, GPay, PayPal number: 9051712203 (Saurav Sahoo), PhonePe: 9831561063 (Sauradeep Chakraborty).
  9. Quarantined Student Youth Network: They have been doing making efforts to provide relief to the migrants, and others who were in need during lockdown. They have stepped up during the current crisis as well. They have options to donate internationally as well as domestically. Contact: Manmatha Ray- +919163003100, Debojit Thakur- +917292013690. Find more details here.
  10. Mayuri: Project Mayuri reaches out to women and children on the outskirts of Koltaka and villages of West Bengal to provide basic necessities, health care and education. Contribute via PayTM, GPay to Saumya Varma: 9830342289.
  11. Action Aid India: This organization has started an emergency relief fund in response to the damage caused by cyclone Amphan. All details can be found here.
  12. Arnab Roy: He is working in Sunderbans and is in need of funds to provide essentials to families.Contribute here: HDFC Bank, Sonarpur Branch, A/C no: 5010035447110, IFSC: HDFC0009375. Google Pay: 7980123568, PayTM: 9007423488.
  13. NAIHATI WOMEN IN NEED: In the wake of the current cyclone disaster, they are collecting resources to feed a total of 400 families living in Canning and Sandeshkhali in the Sunderbans which remains as one of the worst affected areas in the state. Details for contribution-  Naihati Women In Need: A/c number: 36044655542 A/c type : Current. State Bank of India,Baroda Road. Branch, Naihati Branch Code: 18132IFSC: SBIN 0018132 Ph: +9184203 98969 Kundan; Or Name: Bishnupriya Chowdhuri A/c no: 50100239425883, HDFC BANK LTD241, Nabapally, RajdangaKasba, Kolkata 700107NEFT IFSC : HDFC0001923SWIFT CODE: HDFCIBBCAL Ph: 6291145326
  14. Dishari: They are a small Non-profit NGO in Patharpratima, West Bengal. They run an orphanage and school for the underprivileged kids. Their shelter unfortunately got destroyed in the cyclone. It takes approximately Rs.1700 every day to provide basic food and shelter for the residents. If you wish, you can contribute here:
    Name: Bishnupriya Chowdhuri,
    A/c no: 50100239425883
    NEFT IFSC: HDFC0001923.
    Phone: 6291145326.
    A/C: 34025100368,
    Branch: Dholahat,
    Bank: State Nank of India,
    Branch code: 14037
    IFSC code: SBIN0014037.
  15. Goonj: In the aftermath of the cyclone, several essentials are needed: blankets, sanitary pads, torches, dry ration, clothes, first aid boxes, basic medicines and Goonj appeals to people to step forward. Write to [email protected] or scan the code below.

If you know anymore setups that are working towards providing relief or funds, please email us at [email protected] or leave a comment below. We will be happy to update. A cyclone can come with a wave of disaster, yes. But collective positivity comes in waves too.