Did you survive day Eighteen? If you have reached this post then there is a good chance you even championed it !

A good ten days we shared our reading statistics with you. This time we are bringing you another interesting insight into the world of better blogging.

Social media as they say is blogger’s best friend. And our community seems to whole heartedly agree.


We share with you some simple tips to assist you in decoding social media for your blogging game:

  1. Share your own posts on social media regularly
  2. Talk about your content besides the link sharing
  3. Share other people’s post using your unique hashtag
  4. Most importantly promote your thought in alignment with the brand you wish to create

We hope you like what you read here. You can always drop us an email or ping us on various networks we interact on to register your views on how we proceed.

This season of DailyChatter employ the better blogging strategies shared by your own fellows at Blogchatter. And in process take your blog to the next level !

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