Did you survive day Twenty Three? If you have reached this post then there is a good chance you even championed it !

We have been churning a lot of thoughts on what goes behind blogging scenes and one such aspect that we discussed at length on a Wednesday at our Blogchatter Chat Session was ‘Writing Process’.

Over an hour’s discussion and a million thoughts on the activity, we exposed ourselves to a wide range of points. And of course quickly ran a Blogchatter Poll which are all fast gaining lots of interesting conversations:

So we are offering a very simple tip for better writing processes from our end- Take two.

Go ahead ask us what is take two?

Take one- Write / Create content , proof read for spellings and basic grammar. And then take a few hours break.

Take two- Come back to the post later, read it again. If it still seems as good as first time, hit publish. If not, work on it.

Writing being a very lonely job circumvents all forms of third person perspective. Through our Take Two exercise we have been asking people to look at their content more detachedly as opposed to instinctive publish.

We hope you like what you read here. You can always drop us an email or ping us on various networks we interact on to register your views on how we proceed.

This season of DailyChatter employ the better blogging strategies shared by your own fellows at Blogchatter. And in process take your blog to the next level !

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