Saturday! Weekend is here. Do you remember tomorrow is a holiday? Catch up on reading, perhaps even writing and more importantly to review some numbers related to your blog.

Why do we at Blogchatter necessarily recommend daily blogging as a regular exercise to all bloggers?

Because it helps you build a glide path for your blog. One can revisit ideas they had thought as pipeline projects and in due course literally jump the blog from one level to another !

What is our tip?

Always be more bold and experimental when it comes to daily blogging. In this way you can always build on a bag of ideas and through daily blogging stats even thrash them out.

This can be easily tracked by monitoring your numbers. Be it page views, alexa rank, etc- that is your choice!

So do that and ping us how the journey through numbers went!

Connect your post below and indulge in the pool of posts below through lots of reading, commenting and sharing !

In case you are looking out for color may we offer you the image below: