Eleven days and counting! We hope you are enjoying becoming a part of Half Marathon as much as we are hosting you on Daily Chatter through this campaign.

Have you been following our tips all through? Little things and tweaks that can help you propel your blogging act through these days?

Lets share another tip with you. Make an excel of all the bloggers you have found in this challenge or better add them directly to a feedly list or an email subscription list (if you own one). This will ensure that you do not lose your connect with them and always revive your bond through a read and a share.

Hurry up! Get going immediately.

Also remember tomorrow we are discussing Personal brand Blueprint over at Blogchatter. Tune in sharp 8.30 PM IST with us over at twitter !

Connect your post below and indulge in the pool of blogs that is there to read ! 

In case you need color may we offer you the image below :